Work smarter, bill better.
Trigger keeps everything in one place, connects your team, and enables you to focus on your work.
  • Engage clients and initiate work
  • Plan projects, assign tasks
  • Track budgets and expenses
  • Collaborate and create together
  • Track time simply
Have happy clients
Built from the ground up for professional services teams.
  1. Client contact info
  2. Client engagement status
  3. Activity stream
  4. Projects
  5. Tasks
  6. Timesheets
  7. Auto-generated invoices
  8. Online reporting
You can engage with clients on an hourly or fixed-price basis, which you can set from within projects as well as individual tasks within projects.
Further, you can bring a client into the loop on Trigger at any time by inviting them into the company portal you've made for them.
Invited client's permissions
Projects in Trigger
Understand your projects, no matter how many you have.
Setting up a project
Projects are made up of the following key components:
  1. Project Owner
  2. Target hours (useful for budgeting)
  3. Due date
  4. Xero account and tracking categories
An at a glance table of your projects
In the projects section, you can view a sortable table of all your projects for a particular client. You're also able to view a list of all projects by selecting 'All Companies' in the client dropdown list.
Tasks in Trigger
Designed for teamwork. And getting stuff done.
Tasks are the base level element of any organisation.
There are always things that need to be done, and it helps to have a solid methodology for when and how these things get done.
An owner for every task
We believe it's important for a task to have an owner. The buck needs to stop with someone, and Trigger makes this simple.
Task updates come to you
Want to be in the loop with a task? Add yourself as a watcher, and you'll get task updates straight to your activity stream.
Get attention with @mention
Want someone's attention quickly? Use the @mention capability from within a discussion.
Time tracking in Trigger
Bake transparency into your workflow.
When billing clients is central to your work, transparency goes a long way to maintaining quality relationships, and to ensuring that you get paid fairly.
Trigger makes it simple to track time, without getting in your way.
Automatic time tracking in tasks
We believe it's important for a task to have an owner. The buck needs to stop with someone, and Trigger makes this simple.
Input time manually
It doesn't always make sense to run the automatic time tracker, and some teams flat-out prefer to avoid it entirely. The manual time entry is a great example of Trigger working with and not against you.
Timesheets are generated automatically.
All logged time fills individual team members' timesheets. This let's you stay on top of your team, with a single team dashboard displaying all hours logged.
Invoicing in Trigger
Really simple invoicing
How does invoicing work with Trigger?
  1. 1
    You have a client
  2. 2
    You do projects for this client
  3. 3
    These projects are made of tasks that you complete
  4. 4
    You need to bill for these tasks
At this stage of the process, you'd normally have to go through and hand-craft an invoice .
Accelerate your invoicing process
Trigger auto-generates invoices based on information pulled from the unbilled tasks within the client's company portal.
And taking things one step further...
Send your invoices straight into your cloud accounting application.
You can send your auto-generated invoices straight to Xero or Freshbooks with one click.
Trigger integrates with Xero and Freshbooks two of the leading web-based accounting and invoicing applications out there.
Activity stream
Never miss a beat. Stay on top of your business, always.
Only get updates on those tasks and projects you're involved in, as well as those you wish to watch.
The Activity Stream allows you to stay abreast of the happenings within your company, without the information overload people have come to expect from 'social' project management applications.