Affiliate Program
Our way of saying thanks!

To say thanks for your generous referrals and shout-outs, we'd like to invite you to join our affiliate program so you can be rewarded for 'spreading the good word'.

It's a pretty simple program…

Every time a new customer signs up to a paid plan, we'll reward you with an affiliate payment as follows:

We'll pay you 100% of the new customer's first month's value as a one-off affiliate payment (paid out after the 3rd month the customer is with us).

Trigger paid plans are currently valued at AU$15 - $20 per user per month. So a team of five users might be worth AU$75 - $100 to you. A team of ten might be double that!

For example…

If Tim signs up on May 19 for a AU$100 account, you'll earn AU$100 (paid out after Tim pays us his third month's payment on July 19).

All leads are tracked for 90 days in your affiliate account and you can access your affiliate dashboard at any time through our provider, LeadDyno.

Sign up today and get everything you need.

Thanks so much for your support!

Team Trigger

Any questions, please get in touch here: