Easy to use
Trigger is beautifully designed and friendly to use
Smart project management
Know exactly where everything is up to in your business and never exceed your budget
Task-based time tracking
Clearly see how much time each team member spends on each task
Email Trigger to create tasks
Take back your inbox by forwarding emails to Trigger to create tasks
Keep conversations in one place
Tag clients and employees to tasks. Stay in the loop with email notifications.
Simple billing and budget tracking
Invoice clients for projects with one-click. Send to Xero, Freshbooks, Saasu or direct to their inbox.
What our customers are saying
Jamie Kuek – Shale
" Having worked through many of the task management systems on the market (inc. Wrike, Prima, Cushion, Jira, Trello, Basecamp, WorkflowMax) I have an extra appreciation of all the features working in harmony, especially in regard to timekeeping and task management. For some reason this seems to be something almost every other app either struggles with, or deals with exclusively at the cost of everything else. Having test-driven everything else and arrived back here, it was a literal sigh of relief filling out a mountain of backlogged time in a hierarchy that makes sense (company > project > task, who'd have thought!). It's just been such an easy environment to work in after exploring what else is on offer. Thank you for being excellent! "
Gregory Bruyer – Clever Starfish
" We've been running Clever Starfish with Trigger over the last 3 years. It's been a sturdy and reliable ally as our business and workflow has evolved. For a small team, we run an extraordinary amount of clients and projects and we simply couldn't manage without Trigger. There have been few small bumps along the way but their support is prompt and helpful. We recommend it. "
Joe Moss – Eclarian
" Trigger is a powerful tool. It is easy to use, and integrates flawlessly with Xero. If you aren't using Trigger, you should seriously ask yourself why not. "
Brendon Boyce – Share Source
" We love Trigger because it's so simple to use - it took me 5 minutes to figure it out and then getting my team on board was a snych very easy to onboard our contractors and manage them ( with distributed teams being the norm, that's gold). Integrates well with Xero so billing is no longer a headache. "
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