What people love about Trigger
Jamie Kuek – Shale
" Having worked through many of the task management systems on the market (inc. Wrike, Prima, Cushion, Jira, Trello, Basecamp, WorkflowMax) I have an extra appreciation of all the features working in harmony, especially in regard to timekeeping and task management. For some reason this seems to be something almost every other app either struggles with, or deals with exclusively at the cost of everything else. Having test-driven everything else and arrived back here, it was a literal sigh of relief filling out a mountain of backlogged time in a hierarchy that makes sense (company > project > task, who'd have thought!). It's just been such an easy environment to work in after exploring what else is on offer. Thank you for being excellent! "
Gregory Bruyer – Clever Starfish
" We've been running Clever Starfish with Trigger over the last 3 years. It's been a sturdy and reliable ally as our business and workflow has evolved. For a small team, we run an extraordinary amount of clients and projects and we simply couldn't manage without Trigger. There have been few small bumps along the way but their support is prompt and helpful. We recommend it. "
Joe Moss – Eclarian
" Trigger is a powerful tool. It is easy to use, and integrates flawlessly with Xero. If you aren't using Trigger, you should seriously ask yourself why not. "
Brendon Boyce – Share Source
" We love Trigger because it's so simple to use - it took me 5 minutes to figure it out and then getting my team on board was a snych very easy to onboard our contractors and manage them ( with distributed teams being the norm, that's gold). Integrates well with Xero so billing is no longer a headache. "
Gaetan Godin – Fuel Multimedia
" Trigger easily integrates itself into every aspect of our business. It follows suit with our business solutions process and keeps us from letting things slip through the cracks. The best (and hard to find) feature that Trigger provides, is the integrated time tracking and project archiving which saves us a lot of time in invoicing at the end of the month. Trigger has a great and easy to access staff who value customer input. Great product overall! "
Jeff Allain – New Economy
" New Economy has been using Trigger since our launch. It is very important for us to be able to accurately track our projects and the time relating to them. We have many entrepreneurial projects going on simultaneously where we are providing accounting and finance services by the hour. Trigger is a very cost effective way for us to monitor our progress. The platform is robust and very intuitive while priced very reasonably. We are happy customers! "
Mark Beard – Kreshendo
" As a team of designers and developers who love both beauty and brains, we were quickly impressed with Trigger. We trialled several agency project management systems and while most work reasonably well, very few actually look good. Trigger is eye candy with brains. We are loving it! "
Daniel Holbourn – Think
" I'm in love with this app. I have used every project management app/time tracker out there, and this kills all of them. It handles everything I need for my business. "
Madeleine Burke – Madeleine Burke
" Trigger is the perfect mix for a project management system, it has everything you need to manage projects from start to finish – including scheduling, time tracking and invoicing but still manages to keep it simple. The fact that it also syncs with Xero, for me, is the icing on the cake... "
Pete Accini – BA Creative
" Choosing a Project Management system is a lot like choosing a puppy. They all look adorable but you want to make sure that you get one that behaves itself, provide years of companionship and doesn’t chew the furniture. We’re happy to say we’ve chosen very wisely with Trigger. We’re the first to admit that we’re not natural clock-watching time loggers, but already with Trigger our engagement and discipline has reached an all time high – and not a single desk has been nibbled! "
Justin Fortier – FYCLabs
" We have searched high and low for a project management software that had all of the functionality we needed while still being easy to navigate and intuitive… We finally found it with Trigger! By far the best project management app out there. And according to my staff, the best decision I have ever made :) "
Ed – Mackerel Sky
" If you’re looking for a task/project manager that’s a little more all-purpose, they should definitely be on your list of services to consider. "
John Franco – Kumoweb
" We love Trigger! It's the only project management application we found that includes powerful collaboration tools, easy time tracking, simple invoice syncing with Xero and an amazing support team! "
Alex – NetInSites
" Trigger has allowed us to manage our projects in a more structured and efficient way, the benefits of which flow right through our business. The ease of use and continual enhancements makes it a no-brainer for anyone who wants a great way to manage their workflow. "
Graham Cochrane – Architectural Planning Studio
" Now we've started using Trigger to keep track, we are finding that our productivity is better, and keeping track of deadlines and costs is a far easier prospect - and allows us to concentrate on our core activities far easier. "
Andrea Tjoeng – Employment Office
" Trigger makes project management a breeze. I love that I can keep track of In Progress tasks, and tasks requiring my feedback. The user interface makes it so simple to know what's going on. "
Shayne Moore – Mint Design
" Loving Trigger! Everyone is using it now. I have just been so impressed and I tell everyone I am connected to about how good it is! "
Digby Whetton – Print Systems
" Trigger has helped us keep track of our work, and allows us to accurately scope projects ensuring clients are billed correctly. It's brilliant! "
Ryan Stubbs – AppStorm
" Trigger doesn't over-complicate sections as some other apps do; it merely gives its users the tools they need to get on with the important tasks at hand. "
Ashley Hart – Green Chilli Design
" Having tried everything from Basecamp, 5pm to Goplan and everything in-between, I can safely say that Trigger is the most elegant Project Management solution I have ever used. "