Trigger is your best alternative to WorkflowMax

If you like WorkflowMax, you’ll love Trigger. We offer a more modern and user-friendly time tracking, project management and invoicing solution - for businesses who want to manage and collaborate on projects, as well as enjoy the experience. Compare WorkflowMax and Trigger for yourself!

Feature Trigger WorkflowMax
Affordable pricing
Modern UI/UX design
Project management (including project templates)
Kanban boards (including ability to easily switch between Kanban and list views)
Built-in reporting
Built-in time tracking
Free timer app Launching July 2017
Built-in invoicing (including Xero integration)
Purchase orders
Email notification options (eg. real time, every 5 minutes, daily or off)
Optional ability to show clients their billable info, target hours and logged hours
Trigger v WorkflowMax in more detail
1. Affordable pricing

Trigger and WorkflowMax are both priced well for the small and medium sized business. The main difference is that Trigger charges per user, whereas WorkflowMax charges per bracket of users. So, depending on how many users you have, a different option might be cheaper at a different point of time in your company’s growth.

2. Modern UI/UX design

A modern user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is Trigger’s strong point. We love Xero, but there’s only so much time you want to spend looking at Xero-copycat screens. This might be okay for accountants or tradies, but it’s not very friendly for creative agencies, PR agencies and modern consultancies who invite their clients into the project management experience.

(Don’t just take our word for it, a quick search on Google shows that WorkflowMax’s design is their users’ least favourite part of their offering.)

3. Project management (including project templates)

Both Trigger and WorkflowMax are designed for the comprehensive management of projects, for small and medium sized businesses. Both options provide project templates and collaboration options for team members and clients, so that project managers can keep on top of what work needs to be done and when, and business owners can get a better grasp on what’s really going on in their business.

4. Kanban boards (including ability to easily switch between Kanban and list views)

Trigger offers Kanban boards, whereas WorkflowMax does not. But the real beauty of Trigger’s Kanban board view is that you can easily switch between Kanban and Task List views for a project at any time. This makes Trigger a better alternative to Trello (which only offers Kanban boards), as well as a better alternative to Asana (where you must choose one view only and you must choose at the time you create the project).

5. Built-in reporting

Both Trigger and WorkflowMax offer various management reports (including CSV reports).

Current reports available in Trigger include:

We’ll also be launching a new Reports tab in June/July 2017 with even more reports and smart data for your business!

6. Built-in time tracking

Time tracking is essential for a business owner or project manager with the responsibility for keeping teams on time and on budget. How else can you know if you are overservicing your clients or needing to budget for more resources to complete client projects?

The good news is that both Trigger and WorkflowMax both track time inside their applications and allow you to assign tracked time to real project tasks (not dummy time buckets).

7. Free timer app

If you’d like the ability to track time without needing to open the Trigger or WorkflowMax applications, you’ll need a timer app.

WorkflowMax currently offers the ability for you to pay one of six external vendors (Actual, Eon, Adobe time Tracking widget, Timeslice, Prod Timer and Time Doctor) and then integrate your timer app with WorkflowMax.

Trigger, on the other hand, is launching a 100% free timer app in July 2017 (so you do not have to pay an external vendor for the privilege of tracking your time in what is already a time tracking application).

8. Built-in invoicing (including Xero integration)

Just like WorkflowMax, Trigger talks nicely to Xero, so your time tracking meets your invoicing in one click - and you never have to double-handle an invoice again!

No Xero account yet? Try Xero for free

See more integrations with Trigger here.

9. Purchase orders

Purchase orders are offered in WorkflowMax but not in Trigger. We debated building this feature but when we talked to our current (and potential) customers, they told us it was not a priority for them. So, if it’s not currently a priority for our customers, it’s not currently a priority for us. Instead, we spend our time building features that are priorities for our customers.

10. Better ability to manage your email notifications

In WorkflowMax, you can only select “on” or “off” for your email notifications. This is not very flexible because in a large team, “all” could mean 100’s of notifications each day/week and “off” could mean you are not kept updated at all.

In Trigger, we give you lots of options. You can set your email notifications to:

11. Optional ability to show clients their billable info, target hours and logged hours

Thanks to a great suggestion by some of our customers, we recently added the optional ability to show clients their billable information, target hours and logged hours.

Note: Billable information is only the amounts that our customers bill to their clients. It is not internal employee salary information.

But wait, there’s more...

Trigger is a small team dedicated to your success. We’re super-responsive and we add customer-requested features and improvements all the time. So if you have a great idea about how we can be even better than WorkflowMax and the big guys, we’d love to hear from you here.

Thanks for your support!

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