Time tracking meets invoicing in one click. Sync invoices and employee leave. Trigger tasks link directly to Xero line items and client accounts. Import Xero contacts, tracking categories, currency, employees and leave applications. Import and assign your revenue accounts, so funds paid are automatically deposited where you want them. Never double-handle your invoices again!

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Sync your invoices. Send task titles from Trigger to Saasu. Import and assign your revenue accounts. Compare teams or departments by allocating tracking categories to your Trigger projects.

Sync task management and accounting in the cloud. Generate an invoice in Trigger and send it to FreshBooks instantly. Trigger tasks link directly to line items and client accounts in Saasu. Spend more time creating and less time invoicing.

Receive Trigger notifications on-screen instantly for your different Companies, Projects and Tasks. Reduce your email backlog and office meetings. Perfect for desktop and mobile.

Easily attach Dropbox files to Trigger tasks.

For software development agencies who uses Bugsnag to detect and diagnose crashes in their applications. Bugsnag notifications automatically create tasks in Trigger, so nothing gets overlooked.

Easily upload files to Trigger from your Google Drive. Sync Trigger task deadlines with your Google calendar.

Automate tasks between Trigger and your other different web applications.

Moving from Basecamp to Trigger? Quickly import Basecamp to-do lists, to-dos and comments. Creators and assignees are retrieved and stored in one Trigger company named “Basecamp Import”.

Moving from Highrise to Trigger? Easily import Highrise companies and users.

Moving from Active Collab to Trigger? Import your Active Collab companies and users.

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